• Insurance System is a software that help organization manage Policy information, Claims, Medical Insurance, and accounting system.
  • The system handle information about Clients, Father insurance company, Brokers, Type of policy, Branches.
  • Production per Type of insurance, , Year to date, Company Production, Broker Production, Expired Polices,
  • Financial Reports: Official Journal, Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Supplier/Customer Ageing reports, Bank reconciliation, Bills To be collected, Fixed Assets end year depreciation.

Software Features:

  1. Policy Information
  2. Claims
  3. Medical Insurance
  4. General Ledger, journal voucher entry.
  5. Payment, office expenses, salaries, rent, other …
  6. Receipt; enter client receipt.
  7. Client bills, distribute monthly bills to be collected.
  8. Assets management, Depreciation.
  9. Financial reports

Policy Type:

  1. Fire
  2. Theft
  3. Medical
  4. Motor
  5. Contract
  6. Hospital
  7. Life
  8. Theft


  1. Multi Company
  2. Multi-Currency [NGN, USD ….]