Clinic Management System.

  • To develop information systems that satisfy an organization's informational, operational, and management requirements. Save time, reduce cost and Increase profit and provide flexibility.
  • Improve the role of computer in information systems within the health care. Define the characteristic and element of information system. Provide various types of models, and specialty in information system.
  • Adopt Latest Information Technology in the Health sector.
A. Doctors Clinic:
  • Patient Record
  • Clinic Visit
  • Laboratory Result
  • Radiology Result
  • Pharmacy Perscription
  • Appointments / Schedule
B. Radiology:
  • Patient Radilogy results
C. Laboratory:
  • Normal Lab Result
  • Pathology
  • Bacteriology
  • Specimen
D. Pharmacy:
  • Records Drugs per patients.
  • Print patients perscription.
  • Control Expiry date / Drug.
E. Appointments:
  • Record patient Appointments.
  • Print Monthly Weekly Daily Appointments.