IT Solution

An IT solutions company provides several different services that provide customers with the guidance and support needed to maintain efficient and effective IT systems. ... IT Consultancy. Cloud Computing.
Our solutions are in medical and health sector, hotel information, payroll and human resources, finance, inventory and others….
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The software applied;
  • Windows Form Application
  • Cloud Systems
  • Web Application
  • Customize Software
  • Software Consultant
  • Networking

Our Experience

  • 1. The United Software Machine
    The main activities are in software devlopment “Customized and developed software”, computer consultant, Installation of network.
  • 2. The United Software Machine
    Research and development are the main result we seek, we adopt new techniques in our software development, and we implement the latest hardware devices in our system to make sure that all programs work properly.
  • 3. The United Software Machine
    Has many certificates from local organization as participation in activities “involved in IT Social Activity, member of Institute information management of Africa “.
  • 4. The United Software Machine
    Adopt Microsoft Visual Studio C# and as development tool, Microsoft SQL as database. Our software is developed under visual studio 2019.
  • 5. The United Software Machine
    We have a good experience in software/hardware consultation. We achieved a multiple software evaluation for local and international organization in the medical care system.