Information Technology Auditors

  • Information Technology Auditors bridge the gap between finance and computer science.
  • They gather systems data and information to analyze tech performance.
  • That means they score the efficiency and effectiveness of an organizations technology systems.
  • The system must be running efficiently and cost effectively.

What is the Role of an IT Auditor?

  • MIT Auditors conduct analyses and then give written and verbal records to their directors. This will often include recommendations for improvement and directives to fix issues. On a more day to day basis, they examine data with a concise and keen eye for detail. From that they draw conclusions and keep records of all their findings so that when the present their report, they can back up all their claims.
  • After doing the analysis, an IT Auditor would follow through with management and investigate where optimizations can be made. The whole point is to better company procedures. An IT Auditors job is multi-tiered, it starts with analysis and planning. Then, the auditor must follow through with execution and commitment to new procedures.